Early Release Wednesday, 1:47 PM - "Kiss and Go" Begins

Good Morning Parents,

We had a terrific first day yesterday! Thank you for helping your students learn the morning routine. Starting today, only students will enter the gates. All adults need to say good-bye outside the gate and then be on their way - "Kiss and Go." This helps the students turn their attention to the teachers and supervisors.
It is also our Early Release Wednesday - students in Grades 1 - 6 and Late Bird Preppy K and Kindergarten will be dismissed at 1:47 PM. Pick up Late Birds at the Kindergarten gate. For grades 1-6, please make sure you and your student know which gate to go to for dismissal. It is each family's choice - either D-Village gate or the Main Gate.
Thank you for driving slowly and for keeping our drop-off, pick-up lines moving yesterday! Officer Rodriguez gave us two thumbs up!
Have a great day!
Mrs. Rex