Reflections 2019-2020 Look Within Winners

Dear Fairmont families,
Thank you for supporting this year's Reflections Program: Look Within. There is so much talent here at Fairmont!
Below is a list of winners from Fairmont. The PYLUC (council level) then judged among all the artwork submitted by all the participating schools in our district and we have a few winners! Only the first place winners in each division of each category went on to the 4th district.
Congratulations to Ty Beck for moving onto the 4th District Level!
Fairmont PTA Reflections Site Winners
Just a reminder that the PYLUC Reflections Showcase will be on March 2, 2020 which will include all entries that made it to the council level. We will be following up with a flyer/invitation once we receive it from Council.
All 1st placed winners will be displayed at the 4th Districts Showcase. Please see attached file for more information.
Congratulations to all Fairmont participants!
Genevieve Lunt
Fairmont PTA Reflection Chair