Arrival and Dismissal Changes Monday, Jan. 4

Dear Fairmont Families,
I hope this vacation has left you all well-rested and healthy! We are looking forward to seeing our students on Monday. As you may have noticed, there has been some construction on our site at D-Village that will alter how we enter and exit campus. Please review the attached map and the following information so that we can maintain safety for all.
Child Care: Vehicles may enter D-Village as usual and park only along the green curb. Walk your child through the Middle Gate to the Child Care Office (see map). This gate will be locked between 8:20 am and 2:45 pm every day. If you need to drop off or pick up your child during these hours, you will need to come through the front office and park in the Main Parking Lot.
Pedestrians and Bicycles Coming from North of Campus: There will be no access to the sidewalk near school at YL Blvd. and Fairmont Blvd. There will also be no access to our Main D-Village Gate or the D-3 Gate. All students who are walking or riding their bicycle to or from school north of Yorba Linda Blvd. will need to travel south on the east side of Fairmont Blvd., cross at Bernardo Yorba, and come back north to enter the school at the Main Gate. Both of these crosswalks are attended by crossing guards.
Arrival and Dismissal: All other pedestrians and bicycle riders may follow their usual route. All gen ed students PK - 6th grade who are dropped off and picked up will follow the same procedures that we have used this year - PK and K students at D-Village and students in grades 1 - 6 at Main Gate. PK and K students will be escorted as they enter and exit through the Middle Gate in D-Village. There will be no access to any other gates. (See map.)
SDC Students: All SDC students will enter campus through the amphitheater gate from the adjacent parking lot in front of the school. Parents dropping off their student will need to enter the campus from Fairmont Blvd. and turn immediately right into the small lot. Parents must remain in your car and exit the area once your child is with a supervisor. The buses will also be using this lot for drop-off and pick-up.
Rainy Day Plan for Everyone: Bring an umbrella and wear rain boots.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience - we will keep you updated on the construction. We are excited to begin this new year of 2021!
Mrs. Rex
Mrs. Mulcahy