PTA Volunteers Needed for Next School Year

  1. Family Fun Chair/Co-Chairs - This Chair or Co-Chair would coordinate our Family Fun activities (movie nights, Trunk-or-Treat, Multicultural Night, skating night, etc.).
    • Time Commitment - Typically this position attends all family fun events and helps coordinate volunteers for the events - so the time commitment varies greatly depending on the activities planned.
  2. Family Fun Event Coordinator - These people would be responsible for planning 1-2 events with the Family Fun Chairs. Coordinators are needed for November, December, January, February, April, May, and possibly June.
    • Time Commitment - Varies depending on the type of event being coordinated.
  3. Safety/Environmental Chair - This person will work with the school to ensure that our school is prepared in case of an emergency. There is a safety meeting every 6-8 weeks and a monthly PTA meeting.
    • Time Commitment - 2- 3 hours per month.
  4. AV Equipment Chair - This person helps to oversee the setup and storage of the AV equipment (speakers and giant inflatable screen) when we host events that use the equipment. Ideally this person will have a team of parents that they train to set the equipment up and then 2 people can attend any given event where the equipment is needed to oversee the volunteers for those events and help to troubleshoot the equipment. Diagrams will hopefully be created this summer to show how to run the cables and set up the equipment.
    • Time Commitment - Spend 2 hours teaching team how to set up the equipment and store it, then it is dependent on the number of people trained and events - typically 3 events per school year in the winter.
  5. Principal's Lunch Co-Chair - This person helps the other Chair to coordinate the Principal's Lunch once per month for students. They get the same items each month and decorate the amphitheater for the day. It is specific Fridays between October and May.
    • Time Commitment - Lunch on one Friday per month + shopping and set up for the lunch.
  6. Jog-A-Thon Volunteers - JAT will be early this year to allow for Fairmont to celebrate it's 50th Anniversary in October. This means we need to start doing things this summer. We are looking for volunteers willing to help organize this event to kick things off before school starts in the fall and have things ready for as soon as students are back in school. If you are interested in volunteering for the JAT behind the scenes, please sign up below.
    • Time Commitment is over the summer through late October. This team will coordinate the JAT t-shirts, track pledges, determine prizes, and organize the day of events for JAT.
  7. Welcome Back Picnic Volunteers - August 16 (5:00 - 7:00 PM) - We will need volunteers to help with the August 16 event. If you would like to help set up, volunteer at, or help organize the Welcome Back Picnic, please sign up on the form and a PTA member will reach out to you.
    • Time Commitment - August 16 (4:00 - 8:00 PM) + some planning/coordinating of food vendors, supplies, activities, etc. between June 15 and August 16.

Please submit the attached form to volunteer for these roles next year. The PTA President will reach out to those that respond before the end of June. Please submit forms by Friday, June 10.