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Drop-Off, Pick-Up Guidelines

Fairmont Elementary School would like to ensure a smooth morning drop-off in the front of school and in D-Village. As you enter the parking lots in the front of school or in D-Village, the right and left lanes merge to one lane along the curb for drop-off. When dropping off your student(s) please:

  • Have students with backpacks ready before entering the drop off zone.
  • Pull as far forward as possible next to the curb.
  • Come to a complete stop as close to the car in front of you as possible.
  • DO NOT park or get out of your car.
  • Exit on the passenger side of the car ONLY (curbside).
  • Drive slowly through the lane, following the car in front of you out of the parking lot. Right turns ONLY when exiting the parking lots.
  • Note that students may never be dropped off along the red curb area or on the street.
  • In the front of the school follow the “Thru Only Lane” if you wish to park your vehicle.
  • Note that there are no parking spaces available in D-Village in the morning. The 30-minute parking spaces along the green curb are designated for day care drop-off only.

Occasionally you will see the presence of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. They are here to help us maintain safety.

Please remember, safety first! Thank you for your continued diligence in ensuring the safety of our students.