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Safety Tips

Parents are encouraged to remind their students about safety procedures when walking home from school. Below are recommendations provided by the FBI.

Code Word or Passphrase

A code word should be easy to remember. For use in emergencies, a “password” known only to the child and his/her parents lets him/her know it is okay to go with the adult picking them up.


Who is a stranger? If someone has been hanging around the playground at school or in the neighborhood, this does not mean that you know him or her. Although the face is familiar, he is still a stranger to you! Children should never go anywhere with someone who tells them their parents are in trouble and need their help.

Adults Should Not Ask Children for Help

Adults should not be asking children for help, but should instead be asking other adults. An adult should never be asking children for help in any situation, including asking for directions or locating a lost puppy or kitten.

If Children Become Separated From Their Parents in a Public Place – Like a Store or Park – They Should Not Go Looking for Them

Children should immediately go to a checkout counter or to a security guard and ask for help in finding their parents.

A Child Should Always Ask Parents of a Grown Up in Charge Before…

  • Going anywhere with anybody.
  • Leaving the yard, play area, or going into someone’s home.
  • Getting a ride home with someone other than a bus driver or usual ride.
  • Getting into a car or going somewhere with somebody even if it’s someone known.

Once Parents Have Given Their Permission, They Should Ask the Child…

  • Where they are going.
  • How they will get there.
  • Who will be going with them.
  • When they will be back.
  • To call if they are going to be late.

If Someone Follows in a Car, Stay Away

You do NOT need to go near the car to talk to the people inside.